InSights Into Data

Not Just another dashboard, providing you with canned queries

Your Data - Your Way


Explore your data!  Ask it questions?  Look at it in different ways...

Let it tell you its stories!  Learn from it!

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Outperforms Competitors

InSights Into Data uses some of the fastest Grid technology available.  In many other programs, when you start dealing with many rows - everything starts to slow down - not with InSights!!  Here are some speed measurements with about 1 Million rows...

- Loading     (12ms)

- Sorting      (11ms)

- Grouping   (14ms)



Tons of Useful Features

Powerful Grids, Dashboards, Charting/Graphing, Ad-hoc Reporting, Pivot Grids, Spreadsheets, Exports, Enhanced SQL for truly reusable queries, etc.

Learn from your Data!

Information is Data, wrapped in a story

Good Information leads to Understanding

Understanding is the basis of Knowledge

... And it all begins with the stories your data can tell you...