InSights Into Data

Not Just another dashboard, providing you with canned queries

Your Data - Your Way


Explore your data!  Ask it questions?  Look at it in different ways...

Let it tell you its stories!  Learn from it!

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Outperforms Competitors

InSights Into Data uses some of the fastest Grid technology available.  In many other programs, when you start dealing with many rows - everything starts to slow down - not with InSights!!  Here are some speed measurements with about 1 Million rows...

- Loading     (12ms)

- Sorting      (11ms)

- Grouping   (14ms)



Tons of Useful Features

Powerful Grids, Dashboards, Charting/Graphing, Ad-hoc Reporting, Pivot Grids, Spreadsheets, Exports, Enhanced SQL for truly reusable queries, etc.

Learn from your Data!

Data by itself is not very useful. It is just zeros and ones. But wrapped up in a story - it becomes information.

Data visualizations like charts, reports, grids, and dashboards allow you to see patterns and trends in your data. They expose the hidden information in all those zeros and ones. They tell the many stories that your data has locked away inside it.

This is what InSights Into Data does. It helps you tease the stories from your data using clear, yet powerful, visualizations. It helps you understand your data!