InSights Dashboard Viewer

InSights Into Data has the ability to export its interactive dashboards out to a file that can be shared with users of the free Interactive Dashboard Viewer. This allows users of the full InSights tool to create informative dashboards and then share them easily with others.

The Interactive Dashboard Viewer allows the user to view and interact with a dashboard, created by the full InSights Into Data tool. It allows the user to filter the data, drill down into the details and manipulate it exacty as you can in the full tool. As well, the user is able to print the dashboard (or any of it individual elements) and export it to PDF, Image files, and Excel.  The viewer has all the features of the full InSights Into Data Tool in terms of presentation of the data.

This viewer allows you to share your dashboards with other users easily and quickly.  It allows users who might not be interested in all the features and complexity of the full InSights tool to be able to view, manipulate and learn from the dashboards they are provided!

An example of InSights Dashboard Viewer