InSights Into Data

2018-10-15 Addition of a Direct Oracle database connection.  InSights no longer needs any Oracle client to connect directly to an Oracle database!  As well, we have added a new SQL Scratch Pad to allow you to easily and quickly test SQL statements before you actually put them in a query.  The SQL Scratch Pad is kept private by user - and keeps its history from session to session.

2018-06-04  We have added some new Dashboard capabilities - such as the ability to 'enlarge' the part of the dashboard you want to see clearer, added full support for SQLite and a variety of small bug fixes.

2018-03-02  Version 2.x has been released!  This includes many new features such as the ability to create ad-hoc Dashboards, new Pivot Grid capabilities, new query building tools, etc.

2018-02-13  Version 2.x is nearing release - and it includes our new Dashboarding feature!

2017-09-13  Our new data analysis and ad-hoc reporting tool is nearing its initial release.