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Let InSights Into Data help you tell the stories that are locked away inside your data!!  

Learn more about what is going on with your business by understanding what your data is trying to tell you…


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Easily Visual Your Data

InSights Into Data allows you to easily view your data in Charts/Graphs and Interactive Dashboards

Data Analysis

Easy to use data exploring and analysis - using drag and drop

Advanced Enterprise Level Reporting

Includes a full featured enterprise level report designer

Interactive Dashboards

Easily explore your data with easy to use, feature rich, interactive dashboards!

Wide Variety of Exports

You can export to a wide variety of formats - including: CSV, TXT, PDF, XLS, MS Access, Image Files (jpg, gif, etc.), and many more


Sharing of your data has never been easier. All sharing features use 256 bit encryption and passwords to ensure your data remains private...


"I think in SQL, it is the de facto standard method of interacting with databases. Oddly, one of the more popular BI tools (no name mentioned) removes SQL from the equation. The initial appeal of IID was that I could utilize SQL. IID is designed with data privacy at the forefront. IID as an application is very fast, and support for the product is excellent."
Richard Rogers
"InSights Into Data simply allows me to access and view my data the way I want to.."
John Carlyle