InSights Into Data
We can help you learn and adapt!

Visualize and Understand your Data.

InSights will help your Data tell you its Stories through powerful grids and visualizations that people will actually use! It is those stories and visual clarity that bring greater understanding. InSights unique interface and data visualization features offers the user a multitude of ways of viewing and interpreting their data in ways that will actually be used by business people.

Improve your Business. Adapt Faster.

With the world under such change at the moment - it is more important than ever to truly understand what is driving your business and what your customers are doing!! InSights Into Data can help you easily gain that knowledge - based on visualizing and analyzing your data - no matter what or where it is!

Tools that Everyone Can Use!

InSights offers the features that power users want - but also offers the ease of use that business users need. Understanding and analyzing data is not just for data scientists anymore!!

Unique Features

Access to Many Different Data Sources

InSights can access many different database servers, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Postgresql, Firebird, SQLite, etc. In version 3.0 we will be adding additional support for other database servers such as DB2, Access, ODBC Connections, etc.
This means that no matter what database technology you use now, or in the future, InSights will be able to work with it!

Interactive Dashboards

InSights provides the ability to easily create dashboards on the fly and reuse them the next time you run your query. Our dashboards are fast, flexible, and easy to use - allowing anyone to create & modify their view of their data...
These dashboard designs are able to be viewed in our Dashboard Viewer now - and will be available on both our Web and Mobile products moving forward.

Powerful Result Grids

InSights displays the query results in powerful grids that allow the user to easily sort, filter, group by columns, highlight based on rules, and much more!

The grid is very fast and able to handle Millions of records with ease!

Enterprise Level Reporting

Viewing your data in a grid is very useful, but it is not the end of the process. You will need from time to time to generate a full professional looking report. InSights has that capability in the form of a full banded end user report designer. As with almost everything else in InSights, it is all done via drag and drop. This will allow you to easily create fully branded professional looking reports easily and quickly!

Easy to Use Pivot Grids

InSights can display the results of a query in a powerful pivot grid, rather than the standard result grid. This pivot grid allows the user to re-arrange the data to show the data in different ways, with different breakdowns. And it is all drag-and-drop. As well as looking at the raw data, it allow allows easy graphing - simply by selecting cells in the grid.

Quick Charting/Graphing

The old saying - "A picture is worth a thousand words" is very true when you are looking at data. It can convey a lot of meaning in a very short period of time. In charts we can see and understand relative sizes quickly and take in more about the entire dataset than just by looking at numbers in a grid.
To this end, InSights Into Data allows the user to graph the data from both the Grid and the Pivot Grid easily and quickly. And we provide many ways to customize your charts as well. You can choose the type (Pie, Bar, Line, etc.) and change hundreds of settings in the chart to make it fit your every need.

Export to Multiple Formats

InSights allows you to export your data in multiple formats. Data can be exported to Access, CSV, Txt, XLS, XML, PDF, etc. Images & Charts can be exported to a variety of image formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif)
As well, you are able to save results to a format that allows re-importation for later comparison.
Your Data, Your Way, Securely!

Truly Re-Usable Queries

Let's be honest, very few of us like writing or modifying SQL queries. And any time you change something, you increase the risk of introducing errors. As well, who wants to be constantly changing dates or complex strings in a SQL query all the time? To get around this, InSights Into Data has introduced extensions to standard SQL that allow the user to create popup windows that allow users to enter strings, numbers and dates - including picking values from lists. This means that you do not have to change SQL statements with each run - just pick a different value in the popup window.

Shareable Queries

Once you have a query written, designed a report, and have the grid layout for that query the way you want it - all the parts are automatically saved every time you save the query. A query in InSights is not just the SQL, but all its parts - such as report definitions, dashboards definitions, grid layouts, export configurations, etc. Now, what if you want to share your work with other people in a different department or even a separate organization? InSights has the ability to Save all of the Metadata about your query (NO DATA!) - as easily as clicking the Save Query button and entering a file name. Once that file is created - you can email it to whomever you would like to share it with and all they have to do is click the Load Query button and choose that file. The program will then import the Query, Report definition and Grid layouts into their copy of InSights Into Data - and they are ready to run it! Now you can share your workload with others and save effort by co-operating!

Visual Query Builder

Writing SQL is never fun, even for those that are experienced with it. Our Visual Query Builder allows you to view the tables in your database, their fields, create SQL, and add filtering/sorting options - and all done visually...
It is modeled after the Microsoft Access visual query builder - and is fully aware of our SQL extensions that provide the Re-Usable Query functionality

SpeadSheet Functionality

InSights has a fully Excel compatible spreadsheet built into it. This is an easy to use spreadsheet that can take from either the Result Grid or Pivot grid - and keep the current formatting!! This feature allows the user to have spreadsheet functionality without having Excel installed.

Scratch Pad SQL Editor

There are many times while writing a complicated query, you might want to build a sub-query. InSights has a full scratch pad SQL editor and results form that allows you to quickly mock up SQL - and save it from session to session.

Fixed Columns

When you are dealing with many columns in the grid - it can be difficult to keep track of the important ones (Key Fields?) as you scroll back and forth through the data. However, with Fix Columns that is now easy!